Orion’s Project, A Hang-drum sound cooperation music that combines the beauty of the instrument Hang (pantam) and electronic sounds to different moods in life, from relaxation to celebration and brings people together to enjoy music and great memories in life full unity. The sound is a mix between yin&yang, combination of cultures and unique adventure of different topics. Our vision stands for creating the right music environment for your moods with Hang as a base, a live electronic touch and musician members. A show is created to make you feel balanced and fulfilled. People are coming to dance or sit, but most of all, to feel free. The group collection exists since 2014. In these years until today we have been searching great minds and wonderful artists to work together.Once upon a time, a wonderful Hang has been created by the metal artist Nobuya Yamaguchi. After the first show out of his country something unusual happened and a shooting star send his light on the instrument and out of an “it” became a “he”. From now on he likes to be named Orion. Some hear witnesses said that you could even hear him talking.


Saxmonica app

Space Jazz Meditation

Space jazz meditation  is a musical category contain many different styles of music from around the world , Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga Backing tracks

Mataora Project

The project combines the collaboration with Rotem Lahiani A Guitar and Synth player.
The story began at year 2015 when the two friends started jamming together and the sketches for the Mataora future tracks were born.


With Taylor Rankin and his violin Leroy
Senses, Music Lab.
Producing and mixing experiences around the world.